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Panel Curtains Are Available

Le 26 juillet 2016, 10:31 dans Humeurs 0

Panel curtans will take important roles in your home decorating as they really have many different kinds and styles, so you can always choose what you love. Curtains in our website are really beautiful and characteristic, from following pics you can see that colors of them are various, bright or dark; cool or warm. It is more important for you to choose those suitable curtains for your home that are not only fits the home decor, but also give your homes new look and energy.

panel curtains

Clouds Blue and white panel curtains

panel curtains

Beautiful Polyester and Cotton Panel Curtains

panel curtains

Bright Yellow Window panels and curtains

panel curtains

Polka Dots Girls Bedroom Blue panel curtains

panel curtains

Fabulous Cotton and Poly Printing double panel curtains

Floral Curtains Are Good Decorations For Your Home

Le 29 février 2016, 10:26 dans Humeurs 0

In addition, we can spare leisure time and on weekends or rest days to home shop stroll, choose warm colored lamps and lanterns, fur pillows, Phnom Penh, cloth edge burr cushion and so on, to add to the warmth of the winter living room.

If you can decorate your home space in accordance with the above methods, believe that you can feel the warmth of the overall home style warm and comfortable in winter.

floral curtains

floral curtains

Secondly, we can spread a magnificent, exquisite handmade wool carpet in the reception area. Two methods of laying the carpet and laying the local area. This carpet best with bright colors, exotic amorous feelings, in winter in the bedroom, the release of a passionate temperament, and must make and equally ornate furnishings match, also bedroom area is not too small, to have spacious space as the basis, in order to show the luxurious and noble connotation.

Again, we can buy with a complicated pattern and gorgeous feeling of the curtain. The floral curtains of color can be ginger, bright blue, dark coffee, rose red and so on, let a person see these colors, ease of mind, lifted the spirit. In addition, the appropriate choice of fabrics with luster, so the overall home style will appear noble and elegant.


How To Choose Curtains For Different Curtains In Household Decoration

Le 19 janvier 2016, 06:17 dans Humeurs 0

Light household heavy decoration design is already deeply rooted in people's heart, people prefer the brief、fashion style when they decorate house, but put eyes on bedroom's decoration. Among them, curtains are vital for create household atmosphere and beautify it. And, you can not ignore curtains' effect, it can keep privacy、adjust sunlight、keep warm inside etc.

So, what's the difference when choose curtains for different rooms? Bedroom: different types and colors of bedroom can create a different household atmosphere, you can choose bedroom curtains according to the the window shape. French window, using fabric and sheer curtain can make your bedroom more sweet. If you feel it isn't blackout, just add a blackout cloth. Half-window, choose the bright and brief decorations can make your room full of modern feeling. It have large scope of types and colors, and comprehensive function, it can blackout, insulate,soundproof, dust proof etc. Among them, day and night curtains, folding curtain, Aluminum alloy blinds are the perfect match for bedroom. Bedroom is private space, therefore it is very important for the bedroom to create a sweet、romantic feeling, you can match it with cyan, green, purple etc, make the bedroom shows the atmosphere what it need.

Cute Circles Patterns Long shower curtains

Living room: living room is the most important place for showing family household decoration and present the owner's emotion. Since the window is one of the lead character, surely curtain can be the most attractive decoration. Unique personality and full interest living room curtains. It can reveals the owner's interests and hobbies from whole sides. It can reflect the identity, taste and personality of the owner. Be based on the aesthetic realization of the owner, living room curtain reveals the main needs for household culture, shows unique personality beauty feeling, make it enter the owner's life comprehensively, make the happy cells grow up, give happy more reason. As the first visual enter the room, It determines if the guests feel owners' happy and enthusiasm once they entered the room. (Kids Bathroom Shower Curtains)

Study room: study room curtains should be light, sheer curtain is a good choice. There is a kind of baby blue curtain, yarn and cotton fabric, it not only have the day lighting and blackout effect like venetian blinds, but also have fold and open effect just like the shutter, but it is very expensive. There is also a interesting pure sheer curtain, the yarn holes from thin to tight. The shopping guide introduce that was day and night curtain, when the sheer curtain is rolling, tight sheer curtain hide the thin yarn holes, it blackout the sunlight of the study room; when you continue rolling the sheer curtain, the thin yarn holes were exposed, then you can appreciate the view outside.

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